The first step is to buy bitcoin from a bitcoin exchange, see this article Where can I buy Bitcoin? 

Once you have bitcoin in your exchange, you need to send the bitcoin to your BitPay wallet. 

Download BitPay wallet App

Mac Desktop App: Download here
iOS Mobile App: Download here

Windows Desktop App: Download here
Android Mobile App: Download here

Transfer Bitcoin from your Exchange to your BitPay wallet

Steps to follow:

Find and copy your BitPay wallet address. Example: “1CaC222sd23phL7ZKfFpRpd8W39XdsTTSF”

2. Select send bitcoin in your exchange and paste in your BitPay wallet address.

3. Enter the amount you want to transfer and send (double check everything always)

Coinbase bitcoin transfer instructions: Link here
Kraken bitcoin transfer instructions: Link here

Move bitcoin from Coinbase to BitPay wallet

Find your BitPay wallet receiving address

With this address people can only send you money. It’s ok to share it.

Buy a Redeeem Gift Card Using BitPay

What's next?

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